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Return Policy

If for any reason you wish to recall any product of your order please return it as soon as possible and within fourteen (14) calendar days from receiving (Attention: in the case of food / beverage or goods intended for everyday consumption the return must be made immediately upon the receipt of the order, or the latest up to the day after the date of receipt) and will be our pleasure to replace or to refund all or part of the amount it was purchased under the terms and conditions of supermarketcy.


Necessary prerequisite, at any case of, the returned item have to be intact and have its complete packaging, with all accessories and it's additional services and benefits that came with the sale, and any accompanying document or element (eg box, polystyrene, nylon, batteries, labels, tags, warranty form, instructions, vouchers, etc.). Otherwise, you do not lose the right to return the item, but you are responsible for any reduction in the value of the returned item.


In some items, for health or safety reasons returns are not acceptable. Before their purchase please note the above. Such products may appear in the online store with a specific label. However, if for some products belonging to the above categories encounter a manufacturing problem please let us know via email on


Please note that return costs are totally free.


In case of delivering other than the products ordered or in quantity greater or less than the one ordered, or the product’s packaging during the delivery is damaged to such extent that it can affect its use or the product found to be defective, product returns are accepted if these are attributed to supermarketcy. In this case the customer has the option not to accept the product during the delivery process otherwise request for its return after the communication with at Otherwise, you do not lose the right to return the items, but you are responsible for any reduction in the value of the returned items.


If the products are not returned within the agreed period of time, after communicating with supermarketcy and certainly in the time limit referred above, then supermarketcy is entitled not to accept its return and therefore refuse its replacement.


In the case of products returns and on the condition that were previously received and checked by supermarketcy, any refund to the customer will be made by crediting the credit card in which the client did the specific purchase or in cash if the order was paid by cash on delivery.


In the event the returned products are damaged or incomplete, you do not lose the right to return them, but you are responsible for any reduction in the value of the returned items.


Click here to submit your returns form.


More information and instructions on the withdrawal process can be found by clicking here.

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